About Us




We are students of Nature, grounded in growing ourselves through serving the land and our community.  We are a small farm and sanctuary nestled into beautiful Kohala mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii.


We recognize the blessing and responsibility of stewarding land on this sacred island. We bow in honor with awareness and respect for the many generations of Hawaiian families that have farmed this land and left a legacy of sacred stewardship, spiritual/cultural wisdom and agricultural practice. It is our prayer to continue in sacred relationship with the land and to seek guidance/wisdom from our community of elders, teachers and mentors. 

 A Visionary Farm?

We have a regenerative vision. To have our daily work and devotion to growing vibrant, love filled food and medicine continue to serve beyond the harvest. Through your patronage at Mana Farmacy, we are able to grow projects that unite diverse community, inspire young visionaries and offer mentorship for these emerging community leaders to realize the power within and actualize their visions for themselves and their world.

So to complete the circle... the Mana Project was founded, a 501c3 non-profit.

Currently, the Mana Project is just a seedling that we hope will grow into a foundational fund to support the growth and evolution of our farm, apothecary and  living classroom. We are inspired to offer transformational, experiential learning opportunities for young visionary leaders in the fields of regenerative agriculture, humanitarian service and community healing arts.

Our Humanitarian Roots...

Vanessa Stone

Mana Farm is the realization of a long held prayer and vision of Vanessa Stone.  

For almost 20 years she has been working, serving and creating with a global community of youth and adults through the Amala Foundation,  a non profit she founded in 2001. She has initiated and served as lead facilitator in many transformational projects including, The Global Youth Peace Summit, Camp Indigo, Bhatti Mines School Project in India, One Village Prison Project, African Youth Peace Summit and currently co-founder of The Institute for Emerging Visionaries. She also began Camp Mana, a local children's camp in its 13th year serving the Kohala community. 

Vanessa is devoted to co-create in service with community, and continue to mentor and inspire others to put voice to vision, serve creation, study nature, realize authentic freedom and live for the soul.

"I see this next chapter of my life nourishing self, other and world through homegrown, heart centered, meaningful projects and mentorships that sow transformational seeds in the heart of humanity, communities all over the world and right here at home."


Meet the Farmacy Crew...

Travis Dodson

Travis really likes plants…a lot. For the past 8 years he has immersed himself in the wonderful world of botanical diversity.

From planting remote jungle gardens to teaching youth how to beat box using the names of fruits, he finds absolute joy in sharing his love for plants and the farm fresh dishes he creates, which are usually very spicy!

Passionate about the traditional uses of plants and their stories, he has found himself in distant market places with pockets full of exotic seeds. A walk with him around our farm is bound to make you want to grab a shovel and start a delicious legacy. Ya dig?

Emil Kmetovic

You can usually locate Emil by the good vibe rhythms drifting across the farm as he cares for his multi-layered food forest. Inspired by his time spent with the mountain cultures of the Andes, the Himalayas and East Africa, he has a unique dream of terraced food systems overflowing with abundance and beauty. His love for plants and for Kohala grows everyday.

Emil is further honing his skills and understanding of natural systems to big up our planet and inspire the next generation. 

David and Flora Bozarth

David is our beloved land manager and contributes his whole heart to our farm daily. He builds, works a tractor, fixes our solar, tends our water, delivers our roots and is a devoted father to Flora! 

Whenever he has a chance, David loves to disappear on long hikes through the vast wilderness.  

 Nany Zepeda

 coming soon...