3lb Mixed Roots! SOLD OUT

3lb Mixed Roots! SOLD OUT

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Our Mixed Root Box will include:


Hawaiian Red (curcuma longa)

One of our most beloved varieties that has been grown in Hawaii for many generation. Common in our local farmers markets. We are thrilled to share this life giving root with our community.

Vibrant orange/red interior, smooth flavor, great for tea’s, medicinal and culinary use.

Indian Yellow (curcuma longa)

Traditional turmeric variety of SE Asia, pungent, bitter bright golden yellow interior, great for curries, fabric dying, medicine making and staining all that it touches :)


Spicy Japanese Yellow (zingirber officinale)

This beautiful root is a joy to harvest with its colorful pink tips and wonderful exuding fragrance.

Very spicy, prized for its strong flavor and medicinal qualities, used in pickled sushi ginger.


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